Little did I know that this would be your last picture with Theodore. And the more I stare at it, the more I realize how this final moment with your son perfectly summarized your entire relationship. Theodore always felt safe in his daddy’s arms. And you, Michael Nelson, are the pillar of strength for our family…

When I think of strength, I think of you holding MacKenna over Theodore’s incubator for the first time; thoughtfully explaining every beep, wire, and sticker attached to her brother when I couldn’t even mutter a word through my tears. MacKenna felt safe in your arms.

When I think of strength, I think of you bathing Theodore so delicately every morning; paying close attention to every detail and gently exfoliating his lips and skin with soapy soft gauze because it felt better than CHG wipes. Theodore felt safe in your arms.

When I think of strength, I think of you hugging me goodbye; reluctantly leaving your wife and son in Pittsburgh in order to provide for your family by selflessly caring for Covid19 patients during a pandemic. I felt safe in your arms.

When I think of strength, I think of you learning about your son’s death as you drove alone in the car down the thruway; finally arriving hours later to just hold me while embracing Theodore’s lifeless body. We felt safe in your arms.

You were with Theodore in his very first moments on earth when I couldn’t be there, and I was with Theodore during his very last moments on earth when you couldn’t be there. I knew parenthood involved ‘teamwork’, but never to that extent… Yet, I’m grateful that the unthinkable tragedy our family endured has never torn us from each other’s arms. In fact, MK and I still debate who can snuggle under your armpits first. And although we’d both forfeit our spots in a heartbeat to see Theodore on your lap again, I’m confident that he has the very best babysitter in heaven. Theodore is safe in his ‘Father’s Arms’. However, your boy is just patiently waiting for that one sweet day, where Jesus can pass him back to you; back into his strong daddy’s arms.

Happy Father’s Day- your strength IS the definition of ‘Fatherhood’. We all love you.

-❤️ Alexandria, praying Psalm 46:5
… join me by #FallingRightSideUp 👆🏼
when life gets turned upside down👇🏼

3 thoughts on “DADDY’S ARMS

  1. What an honor to read your words and tributes. I am moved to tears every time. I learned of Theodore’s story from Brit and Emily and have followed right along with all of your supporters and prayer warriors. Your heart has touched mine. God Bless all of you.

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  2. Such a beautiful picture of father and son!. Your testimony and words are a shinning light of Gods love, strength and redemptive power. I cried as you shared your story and insights. . Alex, God has gifted you in many ways. Your writing ability, combined with your insights will be used of God. Today, your little one is in heaven but he leave a legacy that can bring hope to many. May God continue to richly bless your family.


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