️Here is my favorite ‘brunette Elsa’, who happens to be much better at ‘melting hearts’ than freezing them… 



Mom & Dad could not be more proud to call you our daughter. You became a big sister, and lost your baby brother all in the same year. Your delicate little heart has endured more than we ever hoped it would at age five. Although you like to remind us that you are ‘Queen Elsa’, the truth is, your kind heart is anything but ‘Frozen’.  In fact, the events within this past year have only fertilized your heart, and now I sit in awe of the colorful garden you unknowingly possess. Your beautiful heart has learned to seamlessly transition from pure excitement, to true compassion… and then from raw sadness, to hesitant acceptance. You now talk to heaven with greater understanding and more purpose than ever before … 


Today, when I watch you blow out the candles on yet another year, I’ll thank God for your 5-year-old-tenderly-warm-more-matured heart.  Oh yes, and I’ll secretly wish to be granted some of those special “Elsa powers” to do the impossible and “freeze you at five”.  #Freeze

We love you so incredibly much MK, and so does baby brother, ‘Fee-A-Dore’ (more commonly known at home as our ‘Teddy Bird’, the cardinal, nowadays! Psst… can you find him!?)


Alexandria, praying Psalm 46:5

… join me by #FallingRightSideUp


when life gets turned upside down…


One thought on “FREEZE!

  1. I imagine our little MK has a far more mature understanding of empathy & compassion than most adults. Her experience has likely led her to such. We should all be learning from your little 5 year old ! God Bless her on her birthday & ALL YEAR

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