It has been one month since I’ve held my beautiful baby boy… and within those painful 30 days, besides feeling every single emotion known to man, coupled with periods of complete numbness, I’ve realized this:  it’s not about “learning to get over it”, it’s about “learning to live through it”… and for me, that includes honoring Theodore’s memory in a BIG way for the rest of my life…

On the 9th day of every single month, we will celebrate Teddy’s homegoing to heaven. We will do this by giving to those who are “falling right side up”; those that have had their lives turned upside down, yet decide to “fall up” by demonstrating the same ‘strong and courageous’ qualities of our Theodore.  It is an honor to give-back in his name! The first leg of our new journey will commence with a long season of paying tribute to my fellow heart-moms across America.


Hi, Heart Mamas! I see you.
The first round of our ‘Teddy Bear Care’ is officially in the mail to someone special!


-Alexandria (Momma Bear),

Praying Psalm 46:5

…join me by #FallingRightSideUp 

when life gets turned upside down!


  1. Michael & Alex, I picture little Theodore as a little cherub flying around heaven giving strength and love to everyone. My heart aches for you both. This is a beautiful gesture in honor of your little angel. Much love to your family.

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