My beautiful Theodore; my precious Teddy Bear, my strong and courageous Warrior, my brave and fierce Baby Boy –

Momma will always love you with every fiber of my being and every ounce of my soul.

If love could have kept you here, it would have kept you here one thousand years… but I’ll give thanks to God because my love for you is eternal…

My own heart will be forever broken on earth, as a piece of it now resides in heaven… but I’ll give thanks to God because my broken heart results in yours being made whole…

And until that one sweet day, when I can embrace you in my arms and caress your angelic face again, I will sing out loud every night before bed; I will sing, looking straight up to the heavens, your original melody that came straight from my heart; a declaration that can NEVER be silenced …


 “Theodore, Momma adores you…
Theodore, I love and adore you…
Theodore, God’s perfect gift for us…
Theodore, strong and courageous.” 


  Momma Bear, Praying Isaiah 53:5 

9 thoughts on “LOVE IS ETERNAL ❤️

  1. Absolutely totally beautiful and amazing !! I do not have words to express how incredible you are Alex!!!! I love you so much and I’m so so so so proud of you!! ❤️😘

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  2. My heart is breaking for you and your family. Hold tight to your memories. We all know how much you loved Theodore…your angel has touched so many through you…💔

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  3. So glad we got to see Teddy’s beautiful smile (that sure touched SO many).

    Such a handsome little guy & SO great to learn about his strong and fighting personality !

    To witness your family go through this difficult season & yet stand so firmly for Christ was such an amazing testimony. Your entire family will be rewarded GREATLY for the undying support & effort you displayed as you gave little Teddy every possible chance he could have to keep going.

    Although your heart aches with sadness –you have NO regrets. May that feeling help with providing some peace for every one of you.

    Good for us to all be reminded that in heaven there is no more pain or suffering.
    I love to picture Teddy in heaven with a perfect body.
    Just think, we get to meet him again some day ! What H.O.P.E ! Especially for his parents !!

    May God wrap his loving arms around you & comfort you,

    Mrs. Smith

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  4. Dear Alex, Mike, MacKenna, and all your precious family,

    Our hearts are knit together with yours. All love, peace , comfort and grace be yours.

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  5. I don’t know how to express my feelings for all of you. Knowing Teddy is sitting in Jesus’s lap is comforting. No more pain, in a perfect body. Your strength through all of this is amazing. While Teddy is being cradled in love may your family be cradled in love as well.

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  6. To Chris and Family: Your AgileOne Family is sending prayers and all the love we can provide. We are heartbroken for you as we have been following your journey. We are so incredibly sorry for your loss.

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  7. I’m so sorry that Teddy was called home so early in his little life, and I can’t offer any words that would ever comfort your family. However, I’d like to provide the third verse of a well known song: Jesus Loves Me:

    Jesus loves me, He who died
    Heaven’s gate to open wide
    He will wash away my sin
    Let His little child come in

    (a past co-worker of Grandma Chris)

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  8. “Heavenly Father, when life’s circumstances overwhelm us, stand with us, stir our praise, giving us Your Strength to overcome!”

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