HAPPY FIVE MONTHS, my sweet Teddy Bear.  You have overcome more in five months than most people do in a lifetime.  When I look at you, I see the ‘fierce’ in your twinkling eyes… I see the ‘determination’ in your pursed lips. I see the ‘courage’ in your healing scars. But most of all, I see love.

Your Nanni said it best today:

“Love has an origin. God remains that origin.  And for Theodore, both life and love coexist today … and for that I am grateful.”


 Momma Bear, Praying Isaiah 53:5 




Well, our baby boy is surely due for some good news soon… Theodore has endured setback after setback. For those that may have missed my previous update, the cath lab doc did not deliver the news we were hoping for last week. However, the coils that were placed in his mammary arteries are currently doing their job by preventing additional blood flow to his lungs. Since the 21st, we are thrilled to see some improvements in Teddy’s daily chest X-rays.

From a surgical standpoint, we’ve been told that his right ventricle pressures are still elevated around 17 (need to be under ‘10’) and his pulmonary pressures are in the 20s (should be around ‘12’). It was a letdown to hear that his pressures are currently too high for the next surgery (The Glenn). While we wait for Theodore to go back to the cath lab for retesting sometime in mid-February, in order to cover all bases, preliminary evaluations with the heart transplant team have already began. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, as learning about the heart transplant process is very daunting; I can most definitely understand why many families opt out.

Finally, throughout these past couple days, right when Theodore’s gallbladder began to improve and his belly became less distended, he then started to have constant fevers and emesis. Come to find out, he contracted an infection within his chest wound. Teddy had to go back to the operating room yet again yesterday… he’s my little champion! 

The surgeons performed a wash-out and it of course required some extra meds for him to be “somewhat comfortable”.  He now has another wound vac over his chest scar to help with drainage. Teddy’s tests came back indicating a staff infection. This could have been fatal if not addressed with antibiotics.  We thank God that the infection is localized and not in his blood. Thankfully, Theodore had a well-earned “peaceful” day today… 



Lord, I pray that Theodore will be able to start to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures; that he will now have a stretch of time without more unforeseen traumatic hurdles…

1) I pray in Jesus Name that Theodore will not create new collaterals, causing more increased blood flow to his lungs. I pray for the 2:1 pulmonary to systemic flow ratio in his body to be maintained and that no new collaterals begin to form…

2) I pray in Jesus Name that Theodore’s lungs will remain expanded; and especially the right lung will no longer be deemed “collapsed”.  His breaths will remain slow and deep despite any hardships ahead.

3) I pray in Jesus Name that Theodore has no more fevers and that his infection clears up without any further concerns. I pray that my baby boy will rest and not feel the extra discomfort from the wound vac on his chest. 

4) I pray in Jesus Name that Teddy’s swallowing skills will be quickly developed and Teddy will show no signs of future aspirations.  That he will begin to enjoy taking a binki and that a gastrostomy tube (G-tube) will NOT be needed.

5) I pray in Jesus Name that Theodore’s eye nystagmus will continue to improve until it is completely GONE… We thank You that his MRI results were clear showing no new strokes! I pray that Teddy’s motor skills continue to catch-up to where they should be for his age.

God, not only do we pray that You will restore Theodore’s health and heal Theodore’s wounds (Jeremiah 30:17), but that you bless him with pleasant days ahead. I pray that Theodore will fully enjoy his sister’s company during her upcoming visit. Their time together as brother and sister is very rare; therefore, I pray it will be extraordinarily beautiful…

… AMEN & AMEN ! 


4 thoughts on “🖐🏼 MONTHS

  1. I pray for Teddy and your family a lot! I know Teddy is a fighter and he has such an amazing family supporting and loving him. I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through but stay strong! Teddy is a fighter! ❤

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  2. I pray that Teddy can rest comfortably in Jesus’ arms and all will be healed from that touch. I also ask for God’s blessings on all of you as a family and you persevere with faith. ❤️

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