On April 9th, 2020, Theodore left this earth and entered into eternal life with Jesus. Ever since our son went to heaven, we needed to find a way to honor his memory and his brave battle against CHD/HLHS. Therefore on May 9, 2020, we began ‘Teddy Bear Care’! On the 9th day of every month, we celebrate Teddy going “home” to heaven by giving back to ‘heart families’ across America. At this time, our ‘Teddy Bear Care’ packages include $100 of financial support, along with some extra goodies to aide in emotional support for the family.

My husband & I find joy by giving to those who are “falling right side up ”…

It is our honor to ‘give-back’ to those who have had their lives turned upside down, yet “fall up” by demonstrating the same ‘strong and courageous’ qualities of our sweet Theodore. There is no one more fierce and determined than ‘mama & papa bear’ fighting for their baby. It is a privilege to cheer on sweet families that journey alongside their INCREDIBLE heart warriors like we did with our Teddy!

I care because of my Teddy Bear (Theodore),

Alexandria Nelson

If you would like to donate to one of our monthly ‘TEDDY BEAR CARE’ packages in honor of Theodore R. Nelson, please use the below Venmo account (I personally post through social media stories each month on which special family we chose to support, and the state in which they reside):

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