Theodore’s 3rd Birthday in Heaven🎈

August 30, 2019

It was the day that you, my breathtakingly beautiful baby, redefined the meaning of my entire life. It was a day that your perfect self entered our world through so many imperfect adversities. And still, somehow, Mama finds it more difficult to manage the raw emotion surrounding the day that you entered our lives verses the day you left our lives…

You see, your birthday is an “anniversary” that I’ve wanted to celebrate so badly, but never got to… Whereas, the day you passed away is an “anniversary” that I never wanted to begin with, but got anyway…

It’s not very profound, but it’s the only ‘small puzzle piece’ that I’ve “resolved” after your 1st, 2nd, and now 3rd Birthday: In the end, I guess it “feels better” to get what you do not want, than to deeply crave what you cannot have… 

Mama never wished to see you go, but that day passes with slightly more “ease” than this annual milestone, where every fiber in my body forever yearns to recognize your growth.

Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet Theodore; and until next year comes along, I’ll close my eyes and imagine your pudgy little toddler lips smoochin’ me back… I love you. 


… join me by #FallingRightSideUp 👆🏼

when life gets turned upside down 👇🏼

2 thoughts on “Theodore’s 3rd Birthday in Heaven🎈

  1. ❤️ I can’t imagine what you are going through;
    I can only hold you up in my prayers for comfort and support.


  2. May God graciously give you and the family peace and strength this day and througout the year, when you think of your warrior Theo. I know God will continue to use you,Alex and family, to minister to other’s who have lost a child. You will leave a legacy behind in honor of Theo, and be together for enternity with him in heaven.


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