Spectrum News Coverage – Reporter, Andy Young

Mama certainly prefers being 𝘣𝘦𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘥 the camera verses in front of it… but I’d also climb to the top of Mount Everest if it meant sharing your story, Theodore… 😌 ‘CHD Awareness’ is now something I will be forever passionate about until the day I die, when I can hold my courageous heart warrior in my arms once again. ❤️💙

Thank you SO MUCH to Spectrum reporter, Andy Young, for reaching out and surprising me with this unique opportunity!

Thank you SO MUCH to my dear friend, Tracy Parke Gibas, for providing the absolutely beautiful hard cover Mama Bear books featured in this clip. I send out one with every Teddy Bear Care package!

Thank you SO MUCH, to the amazingly talented Barb @ So She Sews & Quilts, for putting all her heart and soul into our enormous Theodore quilt featured in this clip. It will be a family heirloom passed down for generations!

My heart will remain broken until I’m reunited with Theodore, but it sure does feel full of love today… 🥰

If it’s ever in your heart to sponsor one of the heart families we choose each month, feel free to visit:…/ …When the time is right, I plan to do SO MUCH more with ‘Falling Right Side Up’ in my precious Theodore’s honor, and in the name of ‘CHD Awareness’. Go out and show some love to someone today. ❤️💙





… join me by #FallingRightSideUp👆🏼

when life gets turned upside down👇🏼


  1. Such poignant moments to share with us, dear Alex. Thank you for carrying Theodore’s legacy and supporting others through your labor of love. Grace, peace and mercy to you and your precious family.


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