I laughed when this little “superhero” requested a ‘Wonder Woman Birthday’ because prior to last month, the words were never even in her vocabulary… Ironically, her ‘silly thought’ quickly evolved to a very ‘appropriate suggestion’, as I soon began to realize that MacKenna casted herself for the perfect role…

I think back over the past two years, and I ‘wonder’ quite a bit about this “Wonder Woman” that I’m privileged to call my daughter… I wonder about how scary it felt to travel to a new city hours away, only to learn that her baby brother was born with a broken heart. I wonder about how brave she had to be to love Theodore, yet constantly see him in an untouchable state, covered in “stickers”, wires, and tubes. I wonder about about how sad she was to see her parents finally come home empty-handed, and learn that her special ‘big sister duties’ came to a complete halt.

However, what I do NOT wonder about, and to the contrary am absolutely assured-of, is her superhuman strength, tender loving heart, and ability to remain in a constant state of gratitude. This little ‘Wonder Woman’ may not be able to see through walls or into the future, but she is surely able to see the BEST in every (tough) situation.  When duty calls, she may not fly-down to snatch me from fire or fight in hand-to-hand combat, but my super-girl surely ‘rescues’ my grieving heart, day in and day out. 

-MacKenna, our amazing ‘Wonder Woman’, we’re eternally grateful for your passion to keep Teddy’s memory alive, and the pure JOY that you easily sustain in our lives. We cannot wait to witness your ‘heroic big sister skills’ in-action all over again, very very soon… 


-️ Alexandria


… join me by #FallingRightSideUp



when life gets turned upside down.
Psalm 46:5

2 thoughts on “⚡️WONDER WOMAN IS 6⚡️

  1. Happy Birthday MacKenna, and congrats to you and your mom and dad on the upcoming arrival of a sweet little one. I am so happy for all of you.

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