1 Year In Heaven…👼

Tomorrow, April 9, 2020 – My heart broke the same day yours was made whole…

And although I miss you more with every beat of my broken heart, I’d gladly give-up a piece of my heart, to know that God has replaced the missing piece of yours… I hope you know how absolutely, incredibly PERFECT you were to me, my fierce warrior, my sweet Theodore.  Mommy loves you so much it hurts. 


– ♥ Alexandria
… join me by #FallingRightSideUp 👆

when life gets turned upside down 👇

Psalm 46:5

5 thoughts on “1 Year In Heaven…👼

  1. U really are amazing to me , I love ur strength and ur love for ur family, we don’t even know each other but I send u hugs . I wish more people could express themselves like u do . I’m sorry for all u have gone through but I know ur little bear is watching over his momma .

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  2. May The Lord comfort you as we remember precious Teddy. Just to know Teddy is in excellent hands in heaven along with a new heart + zero suffering sure helps ease this loss.

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