A Special Gift 🐰✝️

“Theodore picked out this stuffed bunny as a special gift for you, right before he went up to heaven to live with Jesus…”

That’s what we had to tell our 4-year-old three days before Easter last year. As tears welled-up in MacKenna’s eyes, she was devastated, yet grateful all at the same time. She couldn’t understand the thought of never seeing her baby brother on this earth again, yet felt so loved to receive such a ‘thoughtful gift’; one that was immediately named ‘Snowball’. I can’t help but think of the similar feelings Mary Magdalene and the disciples had when they heard of Jesus’ resurrection… Extreme gratitude, mixed with inevitable heartache. I picture them overwhelmed with emotion; the incomprehensible just happened right before their eyes. How could a man they’ve come to know and love no longer be in their company on earth, yet act so selflessly by giving such a ‘priceless gift’ of eternal life; one that is FREE to all who believe!?

I’ve come to learn that it’s completely okay for grief and gratitude to coexist; especially because both are a byproduct of love. And as I tuck-in MacKenna every night before bed with her brother’s gift of ‘Snowball Bunny’ sharing the pillow, I’m reminded of the ultimate ‘comforting tool’ that was given to all of humanity. Unlike a stuffed toy, who could use a heavy spin cycle in our washing machine every couple weeks, God gave us a gift of ‘relief’ that never needs mending; a promise of perishable grief and eternal love… 🧸 #IWillSeeYouAgain

#ThankYouJesus 🙏🏼 #HappyEaster ✝️


… join me by #FallingRightSideUp👆🏼

when life gets turned upside down👇🏼

Psalm 46:5

2 thoughts on “A Special Gift 🐰✝️

  1. How lovely, Alex! He’s turning your mourning into dancing. Weeping endures for many nights, (and that’s okay), but a shout of joy comes in the morning, (and through the mourning). On that glorious day when you hold Theodore in your arms again, and know your Grandpa David was holding him until your arrival; And Jesus, there rejoicing at the reunion of such a wonderful, loving family! What a legacy of love your precious daughter has! Love and blessings always, Fran

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  2. Dear Alex, Our sister Fran expressed so well what the present and future holds. All I can add is that I believe God will use the earthly life of Theodore for you to be a witness to many. That your writing skills will be used greatly by our Lord as you tell his story to touch the heart of many and lead them to Christ. May the peace of God touch you and all the family in special way today and in the coming months. Love in Christ, Virginia .

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