🎉❗️200 DAYS IN THE CICU❗️🎉

Our ‘Mr. Theodorable’ turned 200 days old this past Tuesday and still continues to fight hard for life with every determined breath he takes!

(…not to mention, he makes me smile about 200 times per day, too! )


I have learned a lot in 200 days…

I have learned that one person’s ‘inconvenience’ can be another person’s ‘luxury’… being quarantined at home with our two children for weeks on end would be Michael & I’s dream come true right now.

I have learned that as you go through deep waters, you are washed of old desires and suddenly yearn for what you used to wish-away… my past complaints are the same exact things that I now crave most.

And I have learned that gratitude is a choice; gratitude is built upon a foundation of ‘perspective’, and perspective constantly changes… what I choose to give thanks for today is far different from what I gave thanks for last year, last month, or even yesterday.

And today, after removing some blinders, my current point of view results in gratefulness for Teddy’s 3rd major open heart surgery this coming Tuesday; I am grateful that he is still here, fighting for this precious thing called ‘life’.

Please, #StayGrateful, my friends! 


 Momma Bear, Praying Isaiah 53:5 


4 thoughts on “🎉❗️200 DAYS IN THE CICU❗️🎉

  1. So beautiful Alex !!you write amazingly well!!! All of the staff and many of the people in the congregation know about next Tuesday and will be in prayer!!❤️❤️💪💪💪

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  2. Praying! I believe God will be directing the surgeons hands along with all the staff. I am trusting that God will bring healing to little Teddy.. So wonderful to see you both smiling!

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