We’ve officially hit “triple digits”…


Grateful for how far we’ve come…

Hopeful for how far we’ll go…


-️ Momma Bear, Praying Isaiah 53:5 



Sometimes my heart is quiet…and that’s okay.  Sometimes the prayers that carry the fewest words are the most powerful. God knows our hearts. ️

I was really looking forward to coming back down to Pittsburgh today because after four days away from my baby boy, I couldn’t wait to get him in my arms again! Well, just like countless times in the past, this journey has a way of deflecting my heart’s desires; it’s a journey that is painstakingly unpredictable and a journey that repeatedly perfects my patience. We’ve been unable to handle Teddy at all based on his agitation, and he had to go back on his full face BiPAP mask for some extra support. Theodore is slightly backsliding in the respiratory department and could use some extra prayers for his lungs, respiration rate, and saturations.  In Jesus Name Theodore will be able to advance and remain stable on his high flow nasal cannula.  God is able to stabilize my son’s breathing and keep him between a 75-85 saturation range, even through periods of agitation and discomfort. All extra fluid within his chest cavity needs to dissipate ASAP so there is no need for a new pigtail chest drain.  AMEN & AMEN! 

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