October 10th is a special day.

          It’s the day our ‘strong leader’ was born. This leader goes by the name ‘Richard’; and is otherwise known as ‘Dad’ or ‘Papa’. He is a strong leader because he is a quiet leader.  My Dad knows more than he says, and thinks more than he speaks. He leads with quiet authority because confidence doesn’t need to shout. His gentle approach is endearing and his consistency is greatly admired.  My Dad has silently led me for years; never stepping before me, but always remaining beside me, or behind me. 

          When I was just a child, trying to ride a bike, my Dad came behind me. His broad chest hovered over my toddler shoulders, while holding the handlebars steady to ease my shakiness.  He ‘quietly led’ me down our driveway, as if he was providing stability to a crazy driver veering out of control…

          When I was entering the scary new world of high school, my Dad came beside me. The summer before freshmen year, in order to boost my confidence, he insisted on finding my locker and practicing my combination lock. He ‘quietly led’ me through the school halls while practicing my ‘class schedule’; patting me on the back as if I had already proven my capabilities…

          When I decided to change my last name and marry the man of my dreams, my Dad came beside me.  Before the church doors swung open and “Canon in D” began to play, he wrapped his arm around mine, and firmly gripped my hands to calm any nerves. He ‘quietly led’ me down the aisle, walking slowly, as if he never wanted to let go…

          When I was ready to meet my son for the first time, my Dad came behind me. After my cesarian section, he met me with a wheelchair to relieve some of my physical pain.  My Dad ‘quietly led’ me through the lobby, past the crowded waiting room, and to the entrance of Theodore’s Cardiac Intensive Care Unit; he wheeled with purpose, just as if he was wheeling a mother who had not yet met her son after birth… 

          …And just as my Dad has ‘quietly led’ me throughout my entire life, he continues to do the same today for my children. My Dad is a man of few words, but when he speaks, it comes straight from his heart. My Dad is not always fast to act, but he demonstrates that ‘slow and steady wins the race’.  My Dad is too humble to admit it, but he is ‘a Richard’.  My Dad is a ‘strong leader’, but quite frankly, they don’t come much stronger than his grandson Theodore, who is equally ‘persistent’ when it comes to his slow, but steady fight for life. 

‘The brave’ are always stubborn. 


Dad, your one-month old grandson has more strength than most grown men. He is a ‘strong leader’, just like you. Theodore, without even uttering his first word yet, has already ‘quietly led’ many to live life through the lens of gratitude, with a new realization that every day on this earth is truly a ‘gift from God’. 

So, “Happy Birthday”, Dad, from your first Grandson, named in your honor: 

•Theodore ‘RICHARD’ Nelson •

Papas like you are precious and few;

and Theodore will grow up to be a ‘strong leader’, too!



Please pray with us that Theodore’s lungs will be getting stronger with each passing day. My ‘Teddy Bear’ is holding his own & making fabulous “slow and steady progress”.  His CO2 numbers remain the same, whether he is on the high flow cannula or Bipap facemask, so they’re going to keep him on the cannula for longer trials now, since he makes it clear that he dislikes the big yellow mask very much.  Teddy has been ‘practicing’ on the cannula for hours at a time now, and his stats are remaining solid. PRAISE GOD! 

Occupational therapy visited him this afternoon, and said they are AMAZED at his strong oral skills considering the amount of time Teddy was intubated. He has really strong rooting and his voice is getting stronger each day. Please continue to stand in agreement with us that his right vocal cord has NO PERMANENT DAMAGE in Jesus’ mighty name.  Overall, they are really liking that he’s able to tolerate crying and calming himself down without the need for additional medication/sedatives. 

They are also going to visit my baby tomorrow with a SPEECH therapist in order to see if he can tolerate his pacifier being dipped in milk…  Other specialists from CT Surgery were still talking about it being another MONTH before he could be fed my breast milk through his NJ (nose tube), and we would ask for prayers that the ‘NPO timeline’ for milk feeds would be drastically decreased.  God is ABLE.

Teddy gets a ton of points on the board today!  Teddy-3  ‘HLHS’-0

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for your continued prayers & support!


-️ Momma Bear, Praying Isaiah 53:5 



  1. 10/10 is also the day Teddy’s great grandfather went to be with the Lord. I’m sure he us smiling down at Teddy and offering his strength.

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